With our Zero-Knowledge Security design we can help you secure your digital assets offline and out of reach of hackers.

Self Custody

The main motivation for Satoshi Nakamoto in inventing Bitcoin was to remove the trust involved in the traditional financial system. 13 years later and most new entrants to the space use and store their digital assets through an exchange. Relying on an exchange defeats the intended purpose and puts your assets at risk. The second step in the Bitcoin journey is self-custody, but many do not make it this far due to a perceived technical barrier.

White-Glove Service

At Blockchain Solutions we have pioneered an industry best practices Zero-Knowledge Security service to help you make the transition to self-custody. Throughout the process we will guide you gently through setting up a bespoke security implementation. Moving at your pace, we help you understand how Bitcoin works by doing rather than reading. By the end we will have Zero-Knowledge and you will be your own bank. No matter what your knowledge level this is the perfect service for you!

I had never sent bitcoin before I met Nate. Keeping it all on Gemini made me nervous that someone would steal my phone and take it. Now with the Zero-Knowledge setup he helped me design for myself I store my bitcoins offline and offsite.

— John Doe

As a freelance digital artist I decided to accept bitcoin for my services, but when my customers would pay me I would have them send it to a wallet on my phone. Nate helped me set up a security solution that allows me to automatically create invoices for my services using a wallet that only watches my addresses while I keep my private keys in a safe place.

— Andrew Hu, http://humadethis.com/