Makana is a Bitcoin sidechain that leverages the security of Bitcoin to pass savings on to you. Makana can be used to create new tokens for your business that can act as rewards points, gift cards, coupons, tickets, or any internal value system. Every Makana built token can be stored, sent, and received by any mobile app including your current one. See what Bitcoin can do for you.

What is Makana?

Makana is a pegged federated Bitcoin sidechain that uses the Makana coin (Mkna).

Mkna IS Bitcoin (Mkna = BTC)

Backing each Mkna with Bitcoin is not for Bitcoins value but for Bitcoins security. Anyone can move BTC onto the Makana chain and back, no need for complicated exchanges. Makana works the same as Bitcoin, where users can choose from a number of mobile wallet apps that hold, send, and receive Mkna. But Makana is not designed for payments, that’s what Bitcoin is for, in fact most Makana users will not even know they have Mkna in their wallet.

Asset Issuance

The Mkna coin is used to issue tokens that are native to the Makana sidechain. These tokens can represent rewards points, gift certificates, coupons, tickets, or really anything of value that needs to be finite and accounted for. All issued tokens are held by a users mobile wallet app. No need for multiple apps or multiple cards cluttering your wallet and phone. But as Makana is open source if your business already has an app it is trivial to add wallet functionality.


Makana uses the Elements protocol. Elements is built upon and extends the Bitcoin codebase. This makes Makana instantly recognizable to any developer that is familiar with Bitcoin. For developers unfamiliar with Bitcoin, Makana benefits from the extensive documentation available for Bitcoin, Elements, and other Elements based sidechains, as well as all future protocol upgrades.

BSHPay Integration

Mkna and issued tokens are integrated into and managed by our BSHPay service. This means that your business can easily create custom:

  • Invoices
  • Point-of-sales systems
  • e-commerce webstores

All of which simultaneously accept Bitcoin and your issued tokens, and of course it all works on any device.

Options to fit any business

Makana has options for all types of businesses depending on your needs. Whether you want to set it and forget it, DIY plug-and-play, self-reliance, or be a federated member, Makana can save you over 50% on what you are currently paying for loyalty and internal value systems. We will work directly in person with you and your staff to find the option that is right for you.

With all the talk isn’t it time to see what Bitcoin can do for you.