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BSHPay is our Bitcoin payment processor service. BSHPay works for e-commerce or brick-and-mortar point-of-sale. Process your own payments by hosting yourself or host on our deployment. BSHPay is non-custodial with payments going directly to your wallet, your private keys are never uploaded.

Makana Rewards

Makana is our Bitcoin sidechain leveraging the security of Bitcoin. Makana can be used to create tokens for your business that can act as rewards points, gift cards, coupons, or any value token. Every Makana based token is stored, sent, and received by any mobile app including yours.


Bitcoin stands to offer the same efficiency gains for your business as the internet did. Whether it’s education for your team, custom integration strategies, software development, or zero-knowledge security set-ups let us see what Bitcoin can do for you.

Coming Soon: Free Workshops

Bitcoin is a brand new technology that works like nothing that has come before it. If you are looking for the perfect introduction to the world of Bitcoin then this is the class for you. We will walk you through how you could have invented Bitcoin. Learn about cryptography, hacking, and computer science through easy to understand examples using real world situations. Renovations are currently underway at our office so check back for dates as space will be limited.