BSHPay is our service for setting you and your business up with an open-source non-custodial payment processing and automated invoicing system for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cut out the middle man and their transaction fees by processing your own payments directly to your wallet, BSH will never ask for your private keys. Create custom invoices, point-of-sale systems, payment buttons, and web stores with a few clicks that work on any Apple or Android device, no more expensive hardware. Stop paying ridiculous fees to mainland companies and keep 100% of each transaction. We will work in person with you and your staff to understand how Bitcoin works so that you never need us or any other payment processor again.

What is BSHPay

BSHPay is our help desk service that provides education, setup, and ongoing support for a non-custodial open-source Bitcoin payment processing server that validates and processes payments to and from your business. The payment server works the same as any other Payment Processing service, the only difference is that you can do it yourself with:

  • No processing fees
  • No middle man
  • No proprietary hardware
  • Complete control over funds

For those that don’t want to do everything themselves, BSH offers third party hosting services for businesses to try out or who simply want a set it and forget it experience with all payments going directly to your wallet which BSH will never have access to.


Here are just some of the payment server features:

  • Free – No merchant processing fees.
  • Bitcoin – Accepting Bitcoin is the first step.
  • Altcoins – Accept a growing list of alternative cryptocurrencies.
  • Lightning – Rapid Bitcoin microtransactions using the Lightning Network.
  • Integrations – WordPress & WooCommerce, Drupal, Magneto, Prestashop and custom integrations.
  • Point Of Sale – POS Interfaces for physical stores.
  • Crowdfunding – Set donation goals and raise funding.
  • Payment Buttons – HTML embeddable donation and pay buttons.
  • Unlimited Stores – Merchants can process payments for their own stores, or for others.
  • Translations – Customers can pay in 20 different languages.
  • Payment Requests – Create & send a long-lived invoice requesting payment for goods or services.

Use Case

Online Store

If you’re a merchant running an e-commerce business, you can easily deploy your own server and connect it to your store via integration plugins in just a few clicks.

The checkout experience is no different to any other payment gateway. Your customer gets an invoice. They pay it by scanning a QR code or by copy-pasting the amount and the address. When their payment is confirmed, you will be notified via your e-commerce CMS, and you can ship the item.

Physical Store

For brick and mortar stores, the server provides a web-based Point of Sale (POS) App which can be customized. Similarly to the online store, your customer is presented with an invoice that he can pay on the spot. You can create a watch-only wallet on your phone to be notified of the payments through the POS, without the need of any additional software. The POS app can be run on any web-connected device.

Freelance & Bill Pay

Send anyone a request for payment by sharing a Payment Request. Customize the content and appearance of the payment request. With or without expiry, users can pay the request at any time. The server automatically updates the BTC exchange rate when the user pays the payment request when it’s convenient for them.

Merchants or freelancers can use payment requests for bill pay services. Payment requests can even be used to quickly request money from friends.

Open-Source Help Desk

The backbone for our service is the open-source project BTCPay Server. Open-source projects are a fantastic alternative to closed proprietary services as they offer unrivaled customizability and freedom. The trade off is that open-source projects don’t have a help desk and rely on the individual to do all the trouble shooting themselves. With our service, BSH will work directly with your staff on hardware setup, software setup, wallet security consulting (we will never ask for your private keys), and providing answers to all of your questions until you become fully self reliant, zero prior knowledge required. Not interested in DIY hosting, BSH offers to host your payment processing service with our own custom deployment for a flat monthly charge. BSH staff continuously contribute to the BTCPay server project on adding new features such as support for Makana and can help integrate whatever functionality you desire.

No matter if you want to do everything yourself or use our BSH hosted processing service BSHPay will save you money over your traditional payment processing service. If you are interested in cutting the mainland middle men out by taking the first step into the world of Bitcoin: