Makana Starter Pack

$9.99 / month with 1 day free trial and a $40.00 sign-up fee

Makana Starter Pack includes:

  • New Token Creation
  • $20 of MKNA (~2,000 transactions)
  • 3mo of Webstore/POS system hosting
  • BSH Technical Support


This Starter Pack contains everything you need to create your own NFT system. With this Starter Pack you will:

  1. Issue New Token Asset for your next loyalty system, gift card program, general admission tickets, or whatever you would like:
    • Choose a name for your Token (ex. Zippy’s Coin, L&L Rewards, City Mill Points)
    • Choose a Ticker Symbol (short 3-5 character short name for your Token ex. MKNA, BTC, ETH)
    • Choose the Value in $USD of each of your Tokens (ex. picking “1” will mean that each token will have a value of $1)
      • Note that each Token will have 8 decimal places (i.e. each Token is 1.00000000)
    • Optional: Enter the Webstore/POS address that customers will visit you at in the Makana App
      • This can be changed at a later date once you have set up your account
  2. $20 of MKNA
    • The Makana Sidechain can be thought of a “website” for Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin that is “visiting” the Makana Sidechain is called makana or MKNA
    • Just as the Bitcoin Network requires BTC to interact with it, so too does the Makana Sidechain
    • Each use of the Makana Sidechain requires a small amount of MKNA (~$0.005/tx)
    • You always have the option to use your own Bitcoin to create Makana yourself
  3. 3 months of Webstore/POS system hosting
    • is a merchant portal for Bitcoin and Makana
    • Create Webstores, Point of Sale systems, or crowdfunds that can use Bitcoin or any Makana Token (including the new one issued as part of this starter pack or any you create in the future)
    • Visit after completing your order to create your log in credentials
    • is the BSH hosted merchant portal but you can always host your own for free
    • $9.99/mo after 3 month introductory period
  4. BSH Technical Support
    • We will help you get set up with everything Makana has to offer!